GiannaMarie, Annaliese, Ron

CONTENT WARNINGS: This book contains discussion of residential schools, the continuing genocide of Indigenous peoples in Canada and the US, collective trauma, religious abuse, involuntary human experimentation, genocide, forced assimilation, survival, starvation, exposure, food scarcity, water scarcity, being fugitives, murder, execution, child death, child murder, mild suicidal ideation, mention of sexual abuse, substance abuse/alcoholism, oral infection, and a climate apocalypse.

Annaliese 00:02

Hi everyone, this is Annaliese, your friendly podcast editor and occasional co-host popping in ahead to give a quick few notes before we begin this week’s episode. Firstly, we’d like to say that June…

Some Old, Some Debut

Welcome to Something Old, Something Debut! We’re a book recap and review podcast run by broke college kids who love new releases and underrated oldies!

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